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A digital garden

A digital garden is a place where ideas are planted, cultivated, and grown. Think of me as the gardening equivalent of that person who forgets to water their plants for weeks on end, but still insists on trying to grow something.

Developing mindfulness at work

Mindfulness I discovered the meditation practice of mindfulness whilst reading Tools of Titans : A book about adults with morning routines. One reoccurring morning routine was mindfulness. So I decided: “I too would like to be an adult with a morning routine!” I downloaded Calm, a popular guided…

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Discovering design principles on the tabletop

So, I’m a level 5 Goliath Barbarian. I wield a magic Great Axe named Soul Nommer. My spirit animal is a ‘Capybeara’ called Epictetus. He’s a hybrid Grizzly Bear/Capybara. Obviously. I’ve been thinking a lot about Design and Development in the realm of Tabletop Games. Dungeons and Dragons, the…

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