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alan with a bikeabout

I’m Alan, a Software Engineer from Arrochar, near Loch Lomond. I dig Design Systems, & making things on the web.


Fullstack Typescript, React, and Vue. Graphql API design, Modular CSS architecture, Experienced with the JAM stack. Postgres, Azure Serverless and Terraform. Learning Rust

Design Systems

I’ve been involved in building simple mobile first responsive interfaces to complex commercial applications for the web and mobile.

UX and accessibility

I’m a believer in accessibility on the web. I’ve setup and automated Pa11y tests and audits to ensure that software complies with WCAG guidelines

Industry Experience

As an experienced software developer and team leader with a background in the Public Sector, Financial Services, Digital Identity, and Energy. I've delivered high-quality software solutions that meet business needs across a diverse range of products and industries.

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